Recent Movies

  • Satisfy Me

    A story about the life of a lady in her late thirties who wants to settle down by all means, which led her into marrying a man with Narcissistic personality disorder. She ends up losing herself trying to boost his ego and not realising he is mentally unstable until it becomes too late. Starring ...

  • Long Distance

    A man is confined to a wheelchair on his wedding night because of his wife’s action. His mother moves in with them and constantly reminds the wife that it is her fault that the mother’s son has been confined to a wheelchair, and the wife uses every opportunity to escape from the stifling situatio...

  • Lockdown

    When the federal government imposes a lockdown to control a global pandemic, Corona virus plaguing the world, two couples, who have been married for years and thought they knew each other, find that spending so much time together in the confined space of their home may not be a good thing. Hidden...

  • For Richer

    Leye and Hadiza Adeyemi have fallen out of love with each other and find themselves heading for a divorce. They are both very happy with this decision until Leye’s parents come to stay for the weekend and things gets very awkward. Starring Tope Tedela, Debby Felix, Raphael Niyi, Chinwe Craig

  • A Different Spice

    Daniel’s life comes crashing down when he catches his wife Emma cheating on him, making him believe that his near-perfect life has been a lie. He seeks revenge by deciding to sleep with his mother-in-law but that plan soon leaves him full of shame.