• The Missing Will

    Detective Lazarus battles life and work as he solves various crime puzzles - from a missing will tearing a family apart, an important package setting him on a wild goose chase, a missing chief bridesmaid days before a wedding and an expensive heirloom. But each case has twists and turns and shows...

  • Humble Pie

    A down-on-their luck couple turn to a life of crime, calling themselves Bonnie and Clyde, when the man loses his job due to unfortunate circumstances. Their crimes
    lead the to a bickering couple, Eric and Zara, and the chance meeting has everyone re-evaluating their actions. Starring Paul Utomi,...

  • Stranger In My Bed

    Selena's seemingly great life becomes a nightmare when she wakes up with no recollection of who she is. Her perfect husband is helping her put the pieces of her life back together but some things are not adding up. Starring Ade Laoye, Tope Tedela, Femi Durojaiye

  • Johnnie & Glyde

    Two young psychotic criminal lovers infiltrate the lives of an old married couple for financial gain.

  • Reform

    Two detectives are forced to team up with a sinister criminal to save the daughter of an important man. Can they put their differences aside for the mission? Starring Olakunle “Abounce” Fawole, Maurice Sam, Omoye Uzamere, Nonso Odogwu

  • Kill Fred

    Out for revenge, Rose plots to kill her husband, Fred with the help of her lover Vic, not realising Vic has his own reasons for wanting Fred dead. Starring Femi Branch, Omozele Gabriel, Obehi Aburime

  • The Keeper

    Armed robbers strike a young man desperate not to do away with his boss’ 50,000 dollars—what he considers a ticket to his elusive good side. Starring Tope Tedela, Chy Nwakanma, Kelechi Udegbe, Greg Ojefua