• Double Wahala

    When her Sugar Daddy develops a heart attack and suddenly dies in her apartment during a romp, a young woman must find the quickest way possible to dump his body without raising suspicion. Help comes in the form of her neighbour, a yahoo-yahoo boy who masquerades as a native doctor, but when the ...

  • Ogidigba

    A recently engaged lady re-thinks her decision when she finds out about a strange but powerful deity in her fiancé’s family. Starring Ifeanyi Kalu ,Chinonso Arubayi, Frances Ben, Stephen Damien

  • Boomerang

    Rival twin sisters compete against each other for recognition because one of them has always feel left out and segregated by friends and their family and now she must fight to prove a point that she is important. Starring Uche Nwaefuna, Ruby P. Okezie, Alex Cross

  • Amoral

    Patricia is suspicious that her husband, Ugo, is having an affair because he seizes every opportunity to avoid sexual intimacy with her. She starts an affair after listening to her sister’s advice and begins an affair with her co-worker only for her husband to tell her the true reason for his avo...