• Fault And Blames

    Mrs. Lawson’s demanding career makes her husband get a housekeeper to watch their child when he has an important job interview. That decision leads down a dreadful path when both the housekeeper and child disappear, causing the couple to blame each other which leads to the implosion of their rela...

  • Boomerang

    Rival twin sisters compete against each other for recognition because one of them has always feel left out and segregated by friends and their family and now she must fight to prove a point that she is important. Starring Uche Nwaefuna, Ruby P. Okezie, Alex Cross

  • Clandestine

    Alex and Lola are on the verge of a messy divorce due to Alex’s promiscuity. Still raving with desire for each other, Lola’s parents’ step in to try and save the day but would their efforts be enough now that music aficionado Lola has met the canary, George? Starring Omowunmi Dada, Efa Irawa, Tay...

  • Searching For Clues

    Chief Abe’s children, Frank and Sandra, return home upon hearing that their father is suffering from an incurable disease and his days are numbered. But when Chief
    Abe is murdered, they become prime suspect in the police investigation. Are they the most likely culprits to this crime? Starring Jim...

  • The Housekeeper's Daughter

    A housekeeper and her boss decide to play matchmaker between her daughter and his son but plans go awry as an unforeseen chain of events and perhaps a sprinkling of fate bring about totally unexpected results. Staring Ijeoma Grace Agu, Andie Femi Moyan, Kalu Chidi Samuel, Rita Edward