• Deal Or No Deal

    Sadiq returns from national service just in time to meet his family knee deep in debt and nearly homeless. Confused and desperate to save his family, he strikes a deal with a notorious drug ring that becomes more than he bargained for. Starring Ralph Niyi, Chimieze Imo, Olakunle Abounce Fawole, ...

  • The Unforgotten

    On the third anniversary of her husband’s death, a widow receives a strange visitor who reveals some hidden secrets surrounding her late husband and demands something from her which her husband owed – something she is willing to lay down her life for. Starring Bolaji Ogunmola, Eric Ogbonna

  • Role Play

    When Ada is kidnapped by Augustine for ransom, Ken (her love interest) endangers the lives of many people to get the ransom. When Ken delivers the ransom, he discovers that the ransom is only the part of a role play in a twisted fantasy of a highly motivated couple. Starring Ben Lugo Touitou, Omo...

  • Blatant Denial

    A vehicle inspection goes wrong with Inspector Farouk and deputy Akpan. They escape the long arm of the law, but karma finds a way to get justice. Staring Sam Sunny, Chinelo Ejianwu, Seun Kentebe, Bukky Ogunnote.

  • Game Change

    A group of four friends who just recently graduated sort out their quest for the big money by carrying out a Ponzi scheme, with the success of the first one urge to carry out other but this one did not go as planned. Starring Stephen Damian, Okey Jude, Anita Joseph and Uzoma Kemgika.

  • Rage

    When soft spoken and timid Temisan’s world turns upside down and her former loving husband starts to abuse her physically and verbally. She starts to find a
    seething rage building up inside her. Starring Bolaji Ogunmola, Kelechi Udgebe, Jimmy Odukoya, Rekiya Yusuf

  • Self Sentence

    Sani, a financial auditor, promises his wife, Halima, that he will allow her to work after they get married. He starts to make things difficult for her when he gets unnecessarily suspicious of Halima, thinking that she is having an affair with her boss, Mr. Patrick Asuquo. Starring Anthony Monjar...

  • Shade Of Lies

    Teni’s ambitions get the best of her when she follows bad advices at work after her boss, Chief Maxwell, is involved in an accident. When Chief Maxwell’s family suspect foul play, the police get involved and it becomes increasingly clear that there is more to Chief Maxwell’s death than meets the ...

  • Lockdown

    When the federal government imposes a lockdown to control a global pandemic, Corona virus plaguing the world, two couples, who have been married for years and thought they knew each other, find that spending so much time together in the confined space of their home may not be a good thing. Hidden...

  • Number One Pastor

    Eze was not called by God, but by money when he realized how much money pastors were making. He decides to venture into the ministry, guising as a pastor.
    However, he lacks church members, and the money is not forthcoming as to her that he gives her a lot of money. Eze develops a new plan; planti...

  • Amoral

    Patricia is suspicious that her husband, Ugo, is having an affair because he seizes every opportunity to avoid sexual intimacy with her. She starts an affair after listening to her sister’s advice and begins an affair with her co-worker only for her husband to tell her the true reason for his avo...

  • Searching For Clues

    Chief Abe’s children, Frank and Sandra, return home upon hearing that their father is suffering from an incurable disease and his days are numbered. But when Chief
    Abe is murdered, they become prime suspect in the police investigation. Are they the most likely culprits to this crime? Starring Jim...

  • Unbridled

    Yinka, a playboy, is only interested in an open marriage with a wife who will never question his moves or affairs with other women, and he, in return, wouldn’t care
    about what his wife does. Taking unusual steps in his search, he meets Bisola, a gorgeous woman who is happy with the terms, not kno...

  • A Different Spice

    Daniel’s life comes crashing down when he catches his wife Emma cheating on him, making him believe that his near-perfect life has been a lie. He seeks revenge by deciding to sleep with his mother-in-law but that plan soon leaves him full of shame.

  • Ogidigba

    A recently engaged lady re-thinks her decision when she finds out about a strange but powerful deity in her fiancé’s family. Starring Ifeanyi Kalu ,Chinonso Arubayi, Frances Ben, Stephen Damien

  • Officer No. 7

    When the only son of a middle-aged widow is killed by roadside Policemen looking for a bribe, policemen begin to fall like flies with no known cause of death, leading the concerned DPO to invite the assistance of the Crime Investigation Department who send in one of their foremost detectives as m...

  • For Richer

    Leye and Hadiza Adeyemi have fallen out of love with each other and find themselves heading for a divorce. They are both very happy with this decision until Leye’s parents come to stay for the weekend and things gets very awkward. Starring Tope Tedela, Debby Felix, Raphael Niyi, Chinwe Craig

  • Make It Or Break It

    There is chaos all round when a phone call to a radio show brings light to infidelity & betrayal previously hidden. Starring Demi Banwo, Sophie Alakija, Uzoamaka Doris Aniunoh, Okey Jude

  • Maid In A Mansion

    A woman is accused of her husband’s death due to their tumultuous relationship, but all is not as it seems within the household. Starring Norbert Young, Abayomi Alvin, Mofe Okorodudu, Mirabel Etuk

  • Golden Spoon

    Following the death of his mother, Jaiye is left to run her restaurant, The Golden Spoon, which unknown to him has been bankrupt for a while. Days after her funeral, Jaiye is surprised to find out that he must either pay the bank loan taken by his mother for the restaurant or it would be permanen...

  • Long Distance

    A man is confined to a wheelchair on his wedding night because of his wife’s action. His mother moves in with them and constantly reminds the wife that it is her fault that the mother’s son has been confined to a wheelchair, and the wife uses every opportunity to escape from the stifling situatio...

  • Extra Mile

    Diane, an ambitious insurance broker, had an agreement with her husband, Andrew, after their marriage that they would not have children for the next four years so Diane could be able to meet her target and make junior partner with her company. After waiting for the agreed time, Andrew is miffed ...

  • Swivel

    The marriage of Deji & Ebere is in serious jeopardy when they start working for the same organisation. They find it difficult to balance their marriage and their careers and things are made worse when Ebere starts to outshine Deji in the workplace. Starring Anthony Monjaro, Linda Osifo, Michael ...

  • Fall Guy

    Sammy and Austin are childhood friends who have always had each other’s backs right from their teenage years. Their friendship is made in heaven and they will sacrifice almost anything for each other in business, money and women, especially Women. Starring Wole Ojo, David Jones David, Uche Nwaef...